Rustic Nashville Wedding in Bell Buckle

Bell Buckle, Tennessee | May 7, 2022

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A bride and her bridesmaids laugh together outside a rustic cabin, dressed in coordinating pastel dresses and holding bouquets during their wedding photography session.

When you choose the first weekend in May as your wedding date, you probably wouldn’t consider that it could be chilly outside. But that’s what Nashville brought us for Hannah and Ian’s wedding in Bell Buckle. The wedding took place at a small rustic barn with cabins dotting the property, a rose garden, and a beautiful ceremony location.

I photographed Hannah and Ian in Franklin for their engagement session, and these two are the kindest and coolest people. We ended up walking around downtown Franklin and grabbing coffee together afterwards. Much of their relationship thus far has had to be long distance, so they were overjoyed to tie the knot and move in together as soon as possible.

Hannah and Ian chose not to do a first look but we did do a first touch and letter exchange just before the ceremony. If you couldn’t tell how much they just “got” each other before, you definitely could then. They can make one another laugh so easily and I could see throughout the day the gentle and selfless way they cared for one another — from Ian quietly wrapping Hannah up in his coat when the wind got cold to Hannah laying her head on his shoulder during their first dance. There is simply a quiet certainty in their relationship that each of them will care for the other without a second thought.

The ceremony included their own written vows as well. For the record, I always think personal vows are the best because they give you such an intimate glimpse into what the relationship is like. Hannah and Ian’s were just as lovely and sweet as I could have hoped.

I loved Hannah and Ian’s kind and calm energy throughout the day. They truly are one another’s safe space, and nothing could have been clearer on their wedding day. I am so grateful to have been able to capture a small glimpse of their joy and love.

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