First Look Wedding Ideas

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A bride, wearing an off-the-shoulder white gown, smiles excitedly as she peeks from behind a wall, while a groom in a blue suit stands facing away in the foreground just before their first look

An important decision that every wedding couple must make is whether or not to see one another before the ceremony. Traditionally couples would avoid one another before tying the knot, but now it’s normal if they want to have a first look beforehand. There are several ways couples can have a first look wedding.

What is a First Look?

A first look is when a couple sees one another before the ceremony. Some couples choose to do a first look to alleviate pre-wedding nerves. Some decide to do it for more practical reasons — like getting photos done before the ceremony. Either way, it is just another way to add a special touch to your wedding celebration.

First Look Wedding Ideas

Over the years, couples have invented more and more unique first look ideas including first touches and blindfolding. How you choose to execute your first look with your partner is totally up to you. Take into consideration your style and relationship. Do what feels the most comfortable for each of you.

The Tap and Turn

The most common first look wedding idea is what I like to call the tap-and-turn. Traditionally, the groom will be positioned with his back to the bride. The bride will walk up, tap the groom on the shoulder, and tell the groom to turn around.

The Countdown

Another first look idea is counting down for the groom to turn instead of tapping his shoulder. The bride would stop a distance away from the groom and count down from three for him to turn and see her. Some couples choose to do this method so the groom can take in the whole dress at a distance before moving closer.

The Blindfold

For more visual interest, some couples choose to incorporate a blindfold. The groom typically wears the blindfold and unties it himself, but I’ve also seen brides untie the blindfold for him. For couples who don’t want to see one another but still want to have contact before the ceremony, there is also the option to leave the blindfold on.

What is a First Touch?

A first touch is great for couples who don’t want to see one another before their ceremony but still want to check in or hear their partner’s voice. Like first looks, there are different options for incorporated a first touch into their wedding plan.

The Hand Hold

The most common first touch option is the hand hold. This takes place usually around a corner or doorway. The groom will be on one side and the bride on the other. Keeping their eyes forward, they hold hands and have a moment alone before the ceremony.

The Hug From Behind

Another first look wedding option is the hug from behind. No corner or doorway needed. You can do this option in one of your favorite venue spots with no restrictions. It is a little riskier, but if the bride doesn’t mind seeing the groom’s back, it can make for some really sweet photographs. Plus it is more intimate and fun than just a hand hold.

For this one, the bride would come behind the groom and slip her hands under his arms and onto his chest. The groom keeps his back turned but can hold the bride’s hands.

The Back-to-Back

A variation of the hug from behind is the back-to-back. This one works even if the bride doesn’t want to see her groom’s back. Your photographer can help move you into position so that your backs are touching. From here you can hold hands, check in with one another, and read any letters that you were hoping to exchange.

I hope these first look wedding ideas help you come up with your own unique way of seeing your partner. Remember to prioritize your comfort and to make wedding day choices that increase your joy! Happy planning!

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