Ellison Rae | Nashville Newborn Photography

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I am fully aware of how stressful it can be choosing a newborn photographer. Your little one is only so many days old and still so fragile and tiny. That’s why it’s so exciting to be entrusted with the responsibility of capturing beautiful images your little one in their most vulnerable state. Unlike a majority of independent newborn photographers, I’m professionally trained in newborn photography safety and worked at a newborn studio for a year before venturing out on my own. I’ve photographed newborns as fresh as four days old when I worked at a studio!! (Hats off to those studio newborn session moms for getting out of the house so soon!)

Nowadays, I love doing newborn sessions out of your home. It’s so much easier on new moms and dads. I travel to YOU and bring all the equipment. Then, we have a good time taking precious pictures of your new sweet baby.

Newborn photography is one of my favorite facets of my business, and not just because we always end up with stunning images of your newborn. I love how calm and relaxing the sessions are. We turn on some soothing white noise in a toasty room and cuddle with your fresh, squirmy newborn baby until they fall asleep — and then the REAL magic happens.

The first newborn session of the year is always so special and refreshing. This year our opening act was little Ellison Rae. She was less than two weeks old and had the sweetest personality — and the most expressive face! Once we lulled this tiny girl to sleep, we captured some truly beautiful images.

Here are a few of my favorites!

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