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I've been a full-time weddding photographer and videographer since 2018. Since then, I've captured over 250 weddings. That's about 40 weddings a year -- and there's only 52 weekends!

Wedding photography and wedding videography are my primary services. But I also photograph families, brands, and events.

My photography style is true-to-color with some warmth added. I like to keep my greens saturated and make each photo feel glowy and colorful. My approach to photography is somewhat casual and personal and emphasizes comfortability, but I also love creating editorial images and playing with unusual light.

Yep. My studio art minor comes in handy! I currently shoot 35mm film on my Pentax K1000s. I try to fill up two rolls of film on each wedding day -- one color and one black and white. You can view some of my film work here.

For photography -- not necessarily. For videography, yes absolutely.

On average, second shooters produce about 30% more images in your final gallery. They often capture more candid moments and details, so if those are important to you, I would recommend adding a second shooter. I'd also recommend a second shooter for photography if your timeline is a little cramped as we can split up and conquer.

However, I am very comfortable photographing a wedding on my own from start to finish. We can always discuss what option would work best for your specific wedding or event when you inquire.

I don't offer videography packages without a second shooter. To create a wedding cinematic wedding film requires at least two constant angles to cut between during editing.

I also deliver a full ceremony edit and complete audio coverage for your day. Doing all of that alone would be almost impossible. So I like to have a second set of capable hands for video.

I usually hire second shooters that I have worked with before and know personally. I have a network of talented friends (coworkers?) that can help me cover weddings. If my second shooter is someone new, I review their work before hiring them and make sure I get a few references!

I hire second shooters anywhere from 4-6 months before the wedding date. And because most of them also photograph weddings full time, I offer my second shooters flexibility to request a switch if they book their own wedding. For that reason, I won't know 100% who is working with me until about a month prior when I triple-confirm. That being said, I'm happy to send over my usual options before I reach out if you'd like to browse and pick a preference.

Yep. I'm not quite on board with associate shooters just yet, so I'll be at every wedding that books with me!

Good videographers are a little harder to come by for me, so I usually take up the video side of things on photo/video weddings. But if one of my handful of videographers is available, I do photo. It just depends.

All the good ones. "Good" meaning not out of focus or too bright or too dark or otherwise not up to my standards.

Usually that means about 100 final images per hour you've hired me, but it varies based on your wedding.

Yes, ceremony films are included in all my wedding video services. I record ceremony using a minimum of 3 cameras, a clip-on mic on the couple, a clip-on mic on the officiant, and a recorder plugged in with the DJ. If there's music that doesn't come through speakers, I record that using a handheld stereo mic as well.

If that all sounds like a lot -- it is. But you won't even notice. I've literally had clients not even realize I'd mic'd people up until I'm taking the microphones off.

Usually I deliver wedding photos 4-6 weeks after the wedding date and wedding videos 8-12 weeks after. These times do vary, however based on how busy the season is! I always strive to over deliver on time either way.

I retain copyrights to all images, but I provide all my clients with rights to print for personal use. In case you want to print your photos at an outside service.

Absolutely! I'm happy to say I provide several payment plans, including 6- and 12-month options.

By default, my payment plan splits the total balance into 4 equal payments. The first payment occurs when you book with me and is non-refundable. The following payments happen 4 months before your wedding, 6 weeks before, and 2 weeks before.

Other payment plans, however, are also available at the time of booking.

The intial deposit is non-refundable. I offer refunds on a case by case basis. For several clients who have rescheduled in the past I have applied any money they've paid to a future date.

I try to be understanding as I know circumstances arise that are outside of control, but I also hold wedding dates at the expense of other jobs so fairness is also taken into account.

Yes, and please do! I offer archival-quality prints and luxury albums at reasonable prices. Canvas prints, wood prints, acrylic prints, and cards. You can find the price list here.

Clients can access the store through their online galleries.

Yes. Many venues require vendors to provide proof of insurance to work on their property. My insuance covers bodily injury, medical expenses, damage to property, and more. A Certificate of Insurance can be provided upon request.

I monitor weather in the week leading up to sessions or weddings. If inclement weather looks possible for a session, I will reach out to discuss it with you. Unless a client requests otherwise, I generally wait until the day of to make a final call.

For weddings, the show must go on -- rain or shine! I deal with rain and make rain plans all the time. I will work around the rain to get photos you love. Sometimes that means we go inside, and sometimes it means we wait for breaks in the rain.

I love to travel for weddings! I've shot weddings in Maine, Kentucky, Florida, Virginia, Alabama, Ohio, and Mississippi. I would LOVE to shoot weddings even further. Maybe yours!

There are travel fees for weddings that require lodging or a flight. I try to keep these expenses reasonable for my clients and can offer estimates ahead of time.

Meeting my clients in person before a wedding is one of my favorite things. Not everyone chooses to meet with me before their wedding day, but I can say it makes the experience 10 times better. I try to curate my client process with intention, and meeting with me (and booking an engagement session) is part of that.

If you want to meet, I'd love to! Nashville locals can schedule a coffee date with me. I also offer phone and video calls every day of the week.

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