Best Ideas for Tattoo Wedding Rings

Tattoo wedding rings might be the best wedding trend ever. Not only do they look rad and cost less, they also signify forever (maybe more so than rings!). I’ve seen some cool wedding ring tattoos while shooting weddings. A lot of my personal friends have also opted for tattoos instead of — or in addition to — traditional rings.

Why Choose Tattoo Wedding Rings?

Just like with wedding vows, couples break the wedding ring tradition for a lot of reasons. Some people don’t like the feeling of a ring on their finger. Others have jobs that make wearing a ring cumbersome or dangerous. And still others simply like the idea of a tattoo wedding ring in lieu of a band.

Whatever your reason might be, you have a lot of options when it comes to design.

The Minimalist Tattoo Wedding Rings

The simplicity of mimicking a real wedding band on your finger is popular. Many couples choose to stick with line tattoos that sit on the finger just like rings. You can add your own flair with dots, simple shapes, or double lines.

Tattooed Initials

Another trending idea for tattoo wedding rings is the tattooed initials. I have seen couples put the first letter of their last name on the front of their ring finger. You could also tattoo the first letter of your partner’s name if that tickles your fancy! It’s a simple and fun tattoo idea, and you can showcase your personality with the font you choose.

Diamond Tattoo Wedding Rings

If you’re feeling a little more glam, you can also tattoo a diamond on your finger. Placement of the diamond totally depends on your taste — outside, inside, or on the side. Couple’s have worn their tattooed bling in all kinds of ways.

Hearts, ampersands, and infinity signs are also great options for symbol tattoos.

Script or Text Tattoos

Whether it’s “til death” or “i do”, ring finger tattoos with script or text are a favorite among married couples. Maybe there’s a phrase or word that is important to your relationship or maybe you want to show off your last name. Several couples choose to tattoo their wedding date — in roman numerals or in regular text.

Whatever you choose, you can really highlight your personal style with the words and font you pick!

Or something totally unique!

If breaking the wedding band tradition wasn’t enough for you, you can do something totally fun and unique. Soundwave tattoos are a quirky, creative choice. You can also play off a shared passion or hobby like the outdoors, travel, music, or landscapes.

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