Roan Mountain Engagement Session


Liz and I met as camp counselors several years ago so when she reached out to me to take her engagement photos, I was SO VERY down. Here’s what’s fun about this one: Liz and Dustin live in South Carolina and I live in Nashville. I knew that Liz was active and loved the outdoors so I suggested we meet at Max Patch on Roan Mountain in North Carolina which was an equal drive for both of us.

This was back in January, which if you don’t know how mountains work, there is snow on them late into winter. So we rescheduled for March. Then, in March there was damaging rain and a landslide on the interstate to Max Patch. So we rescheduled for April. Then in April there were damaging storms and tornados! We literally could not catch a break, y’all!

I kept reassuring Liz that it would be worth it and everything would work out. We decided to change the location to Carver’s Gap since Liz had been there before and it is a little easier to get to. We finally scheduled for May and we both made the 3 and a 1/2 hour trip for her and Dustin’s Roan Mountain engagement session.

Liz and Dustin brought their dogs and we made our way up the mountain. It was about a 45 minute hike each way, but gosh dang was it freaking worth it. The weather threatened rain, but it held off for us. And the photos turned out amazing! Here are some highlights.

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