A Wedding Planner is the Carefree Wedding Secret

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A person writes in a wedding planner on a wooden desk, next to a cup of coffee and a croissant. Only their hands and the open planner are visible.
wedding planner with a bride

Brides who plan their own wedding always impress me, but oftentimes, these badass brides underestimate how much work goes into making their wedding day run seamlessly. My strong suggestion is to hire a wedding planner or, at the very least, a day-of-coordinator to help take some of the pressure off.

Planners Know Timelines

First of all, wedding planners are professionals and if you hire an experienced planner, they know the best way to layout your wedding day timeline so everything runs smoothly. Timelines can be tricky. They are unique to every wedding, and no amount of Google research can replace boots-on-the-ground wedding experience.

A solid timeline also helps keep all your vendors in the know. Good wedding planners will act as a liaison between you and your vendors to make sure everyone has the time built in to the schedule that they need.

A Wedding Planner is Organized

Day-of-coordinators and planners are usually the type of people who love clipboards and checklists and making your dreams come true. Their communication skills are on point. Planners will make sure all of your vendors know when to arrive. They will call the florist and make sure they know where to drop off flowers. Planners will even email the photographer with your family portrait list. Wedding planners are your extra set of hands. Like your very own personal assistant.

A Planner Can Be Point Person (Instead of You)

And believe me, you are going to want a personal assistant on your wedding day. Without a planner, your phone is going to be going wild with phone calls and text messages. Where is the cake supposed to go? Do you have a preference on how the aisle is decorated? Are the chrysanthemums supposed to go on the arbor or the centerpieces?

And all that is going to be happening while the makeup artist is applying your gorgeous makeup and asking you your opinion on lip stain. And also while your photographer is double checking the timeline with you.

Take it from someone who has seen way too many stressed out couples on a wedding day. Hand it off to someone else. You are not relinquishing your dreams or plans by delegating to a professional.

A Wedding Planner Can Take Care of Issues Efficiently

As much as I admire brides who choose to plan their own wedding, I will say that every wedding I’ve worked that didn’t have a designated planner on the day of the wedding had something go wrong. And if you don’t have a planner and things go wrong on your wedding day, guess who everyone is going to be expecting to fix things? You. Not cool, friend.

Wedding planners can literally solve problems with their eyes closed. A lot of the time with a planner on the wedding day team, you won’t even know when things are getting stressful. The planner will take on all of that stress for you. It’s their job.

Your only job on your wedding day should be to relax and enjoy the most important day with your partner.

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